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 Dec 16 Questions and Answers

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PostSubject: Dec 16 Questions and Answers    Fri Dec 16, 2011 11:37 am

Q1: Does this mean that even if the general profile of product is very good, company must perform a complete formula testing because of the presence of perfume or essential oils since there is no higher limit set

A1: No, after reviewing your comments concerning fragrances, modifications have been made to the revised CCD-146 standard to the following:

If formulated with fragrances, use only fragrances that conform with the Code of Practice for the International Fragrance Association. In addition, all ingredients must be disclosed to the
EcoLogo Program and all fragrance ingredients shall have a median lethal dose (LD50) greater than 50 mg/kg for oral exposure and 200 mg/kg for dermal exposure. Fragrances meeting these requirements will not be evaluated under other criteria in this standard.

For the purposes of this standard, any essential oil present at >0.01% in the product, as sold, will be evaluated as a single ingredient. For any synthetic fragrances present at >0.01% in the product, as sold, applicant must provide individual data for all fragrance ingredients present at >0.01% in the synthetic fragrance.

The amended standard can be found on the EcoLogo website at http://ecologo.org/common/assets/criterias/ccd-146hardsurfacecleanersnov2010.pdf

After much research we have determined that this data is readily avaliable for essential oils. If you have any questions about obtaining this data, please post on the forum, or feel free to contact us personally concerning any proprietary information.

Q2: Reference 8 D for the revised Ecologo 146 States that whenever intended to be diluted with by the customer a clear and prominent statement saying that unheated tap water be used for dilution. We feel that this might be appropriate for products designed to work with ambient temperature- but not for products such as hand dishwashing detergents

A2: Dishwashers are exempt from the requirement. Please see our amended standard at http://ecologo.org/common/assets/criterias/ccd-146hardsurfacecleanersnov2010.pdf.

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Dec 16 Questions and Answers
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