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 January 6th Questions and Answers

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PostSubject: January 6th Questions and Answers   Fri Jan 06, 2012 1:22 pm

Q1: What source are you using to define asthmagens? Can we get a listing of what is considered an asthmagen.

A: We define asthmagens as ' "asthmagen" means any substance that through inhalation exposure contributes to the development of asthma in a human. In this standard, an asthmagen is any substance classified by the AOEC as generally accepted (G), and those reviewed and meeting criteria for sensitizer-induced (Rs)'

The AOEC list can be found at http://www.aoecdata.org/ExpCodeLookup.aspx where you can either search by ingredients, or download the entire list as an excel file.

Q2: For the criteria 3b) itís said that the undiluted product must not be toxic to humans, so each ingredient should demonstrate low toxicity (LD50>5000 mg/Kg for oral toxicity or LD50>4000 mg/Kg for dermal toxicity).
At page 16, in the French version, itís said that the product must have a LD50>5000 mg/Kg or a LD50>4000 mg/Kg.

So my question is: is it the entire product or each ingredient that must have to demonstrate a LD50>5000 mg/Kg or a LD50>4000 mg/Kg.

A: ďThe EcoLogo Program encourages submission of data for each ingredient to meet requirements of Section 3(b). Hence, each ingredient should demonstrate compliance with the specified thresholds under Section 3(b).
However, in case where there is not sufficient data to characterize all ingredients, then, the product may demonstrate conformance to the thresholds specified under Appendix 1 (pg 16). ď
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January 6th Questions and Answers
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